NABBA 2017 Participating Bands

Championship Section

Atlantic Brass Band
Brass Band of Central Florida
Chicago Brass Band
Fountain City Brass Band
James Madison University Brass Band
Princeton-Rider Brass Band                                                                                       Tallgrass Brass Band

1st Section

Central Ohio Brass Band
Dublin Silver Band
Five Lakes Silver Band
Illinois Brass Band
Madison Brass Band
Motor City Brass Band
Oakland University Brass Band
Pikes Peak Brass Band                                                                                                   UGA Brass Band                                                                                                           Weston Silver Band

2nd Section

Cincinnati Brass Band
Fillmore Philharmonic Brass                                                                                             Natural State Brass Band                                                                                                 River Brass                                                                                                                       Rockville Brass Band

3rd Section

Crossroads Brass Band
Fountain City Youth Academy Band                                                                           Mansfield University Mountaineer Brass Band                                                       Milwaukee Festival Brass                                                                                                     Old Crown Brass Band                                                                                                 Watson Brass Band

Youth Section

Fountain City Youth Honor Band
Motor City Youth Brass Band
Triangle Youth Brass Band

Youth Open Section

Fountain City Youth Brass Band
Triangle Youth Academy Brass Band

Important Update: Time Limits for NABBA 2017

Minimum and maximum time limits for NABBA Championships performances have been adjusted to reflect the respective lengths of assigned test pieces. These time limits will be included in the 2017 Contest Rules. Adjusted times are as follows:

Championship: 28-40 minutes
1st section: 23-35 min
2nd section: 18-30 min
3rd section: 18-30 min
Open: 23-35 min
Youth: 20-38 min
Youth Open:  20-38 min