Ray Farr Signature Raw Brass Cornet Launched

rayfarrcornetFollowing in the footsteps of its sister instrument, the Ray Farr Signature Raw Brass Flugel, a Cornet from the same stable received a resounding thumbs-up from everyone who tried it at the European Championships where it was launched by its designer Chris Waters.

A steady stream of enthusiastic players, anxious to find out if the cornet would match the playing characteristics and performance exhibited by the Ray Farr Signature Raw Brass Flugel, bolstered by the possibility of winning one in a free-entry competition, ensured Chris was kept busy throughout the duration of the exhibition. Chris says he designed the cornet to achieve the same features and benefits as the Flugel – Ease of blowing, especially in the high registers and spot-on intonation.

The Cornet”s Random Mass design, Rimless construction using a unique alloy, Bell StaylessTM and a lacquer-less finish with a conical flair of the bell to amplify sound, replicate the criteria employed in designing the unique Ray Farr Signature Raw Brass Flugel.