Second Section Review 2015


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Bend in the River Brass Band Clean open to Kingdom of Dragons, but a little over-enthusiasm by individual players. Can’t fault them for getting excited, and they really grab onto the first movement. The transition to the second is clean, … Continue reading

3rd Section Reviews 2015


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Chapel Brass Explosive! War Cry is a fantastic opener to the set, and an intimidating open for the Third section. This band plays with the confidence of a higher section band. Intricate parts navigated cleanly, last note spread a bit…from … Continue reading

Open Section Review 2015

The Old Crown Brass Band performed as the only band in the Open Section on Friday evening. They began with renditions of the Canadian and US national anthems, accompanied by lustful singing in the audience. The opening of their first piece is strong but a bit…squishy. First movement evens out and nerves are settled fully by the second movement. The second has the appropriate darkness of character, though most of the performance to this point seems very safe. Nicely done transition to the slow movement, however.

Second piece first movment, nice delicate counterpoint, clean and seemingly effortless. In the second movement, the OCBB demonstrates they can handle warmth quite well. Nice quiet tuba/euph section; nice solo work in the third movement, but sections like this almost sound too careful. Delicate moments are perfectly elegant, but louder moments are also a little too elegant.

Overall, a  pleasant, appropriate start to the band contests from the home team band. I only see one French horn; 2016 is a good year to get into the regular sections, Old Crown!