First Section Reviews 2015

First Section Awards 2015

First Section Awards 2015

The First Section this year featured perennial favorites, one upjumper from the Second Section, two bands new to NABBA, and the return of one fierce competitor. Each of the bands performed Gareth Wood’s Brass Triumphant, and three more performed Sparke’s Year of the Dragon. Weston Silver Band, under conductor Larry Shields, took the banner handily, followed by the returning Georgia Brass Band under Joe Johnson and Pikes Peak Brass Band conducted by Debbie Baker.

My deepest thanks go to photographer Daniel Hausman. All photos in this gallery are his; please don’t repost without permission.

1. Weston Silver Band 287.2

Conductor: Larry Shields

Choice: Philip Sparke, The Saga of Haakon the Good

2. Georgia Brass Band 276.8

Conductor: Joe Johnson

Choice: Philip Sparke, Year of the Dragon

3. Pikes Peak Brass Band 272.5

Conductor: Debbie Baker

Choice: Dean Goffin, Rhapsody in Brass

4. Illinois Brass Band 266.8

Conductor: Stephen Squires

Choice: Philip Wilby, Paganini Variations

5. Central Ohio Brass Band 259.1

Conductor: Jessica Sneeringer

Choice: Philip Wilby, Lowry Sketchbook

6. Motor City Brass Band 254.0

Conductor: Craig Strain

Choice: Edward Gregson, Of Men and Mountains

7. Natural State Brass Band 251.4

Conductor: Russell Morris

Choice: Philip Sparke, Year of the Dragon

8. Fillmore Symphonic Brass 247.5

Conductor: Stephen Lytle

Choice: Philip Sparke, Year of the Dragon