NABBA 2018 Performance Timings

Below you will find an excerpt from the NABBA 2018 rules pertaining to performance timings for each of the different schedules.

IV.B. – The timing for each category shall be as follows:


Section Test Piece Minimum Music Performance Time Maximum Stage Time
Championship As If a Voice Were In Them 30 min 30 min for Set Piece
32 min for Own Choice

1st Section Diversions on a Bass Theme 20 min 42 min
2nd Section Frontier Vision 20 min 42 min
3rd Section Lake of the Moon 18 min 42 min
Open None 18 min 42 min
Youth Impromptu 15 min 35 min
Youth Open None 15 min 35 min


Music performance time is defined to be playing time only.

Stage time is defined to be the time from the first person entering the stage to the time that the last person leaves it.